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  SEM Consultant Search Engine Marketing Consultant - Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, FaceBook Ads, LinkedIn, etc.  
  SEM Freelance AdWords Consultant - Day to day campaign management, CPA and landing page optimization.  
  AdWords Consultant SEO Consultant - Audits, training, troubleshooting, reporting, etc.  
Marketing Consultant AdWords Audit - Account reviews, optimization, reporting, training.
  SEM Expert SEO Audit - Organic search traffic analysis, SEO action items, reports, troubleshooting.  
  SEM Guru SEM Tools - Google keyword tool, Google AdWords Editor, Google Trends and many more.  
  SEM Guru SEO Tools - Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Alerts and more.  
  SEM Guru AdWords Training - Optimization, campaign testing, landing page optimization, etc.  
  SEM Guru Google Analytics Consultant - Training, troubleshooting, setup, configuration, advanced campaign tracking.  
  SEM Guru SEO Training - Education, best practices, web design, SEO tools, SEO reminders, SEO audit, etc.  
  SEM Guru B2B AdWords Expert - Lead generation, ecommerce, remarketing, large account search targeting.  
  SEM Guru Client History List - Small, medium and large size budgets.  
  SEM Guru Geo-Targeted Landing Page Example - Detects IP address and displays the city location of the visitor.  
  SEM Guru Contact - Free introduction phone call.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
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