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SEO audit   SEO Audits      
  An SEO audit will help you understand your website's organic traffic history and provide a list of specific action items that you can either assign to your internal web developer and content developer or together we can decide which SEO action items you want me to implement or for your team to implement.      
  Go beyond SEO best practices. Learn why existing sites are ranking and specific action items to help your website.      
  Understand your current organic search traffic history, trends, seasonality.
  Learn how to use industry SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Trends and more.      
  Your website SEO audit will include a list of action items, competitive SEO analysis, historical data, etc.      
  What you will learn can be applied to other future websites.      
  Setup your calendar to remind you of key timeframes to check on your SEO reports and to monitor your results.      
  Learn to avoid SEO tricks and techniques that will get your site banned or demoted.      
  Learn more about search engine optimization and search ranking.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    SEO Training   SEO training
      Even if you choose to request an SEO audit, you still can select SEO training so you can incorporate SEO into your existing processes. Since it is more difficult to get an existing web page re-ranked, it is best to create all of your new web pages / content with SEO baked in for the best ranking.  
      SEO training includes:  
      Learn to use SEO tools that help you evaluate your website.  
      Extensive Google Webmaster Tools training.  
      Strategic keyword phrase selection process.  
      Competitive SEO analysis. Find out what content your competitors add on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.  
      Google Analytics training.  
      Content writing for SEO.  
      Site-wide keyword density, URL structures, anchor text, meta tags, inbound links, outbound links and more.  
Learn what NOT to do to get your site banned or demoted. Avoid duplicate content problems, cloaking problems.
      How to keep up with SEO changes.  
      Learn more about SEO training.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
SEO Tools   SEO Tools      
  Below are just a few links to the top SEO tools. More will be made available during your SEO audit or SEO training. Training is also available.      
  Google Webmaster Tools - SEO reports such as duplicate title and description tags, ranking data and much more.      
  Google Keyword Tool - Be sure to ignore the "competition" column. This is AdWords competition, not SEO competition.      
  Google Trends - Understand if the search volume for your strategic keywords has seasonality trends.      
  Internet Archive - Check out how your website and competitive websites looked 2, 5, 10 years ago.      
  Google Advanced Commands - Enter and and see what Google sees!      
  Learn more about SEO Tools.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
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