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  SEM Tools SEM Consultant The key to Search Engine Marketing is to have the right tools.  
  SEM Freelance Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding keyword search volume & trends.  
  AdWords Consultant Never assume or guess. Study what turns visitors into customers by looking at the reports & facts.  
Marketing Consultant Learn what works the best by constantly testing which combinations deliver the best results.
  SEM Expert Tip: Add calendar events to remind you weekly, monthly, etc. to do specific SEM tasks.  
  SEM Guru Your ad campaigns are just one-fourth of the picture. Your pricing, features, landing pages, website experience & conversion funnel are equally as important as the ads, keywords & bids in your campaign.  
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    Use these SEM tools to constantly develop your keyword strategy for both paid search and SEO.   Search Engine Marketing Tools
      Google Keyword Tool  
      Use Google's keyword tool to determine how many times a keyword phrase is searched on per month, suggestions for similar keyword phrases, to help you develop your keyword strategy and top 10 keyword phrases to focus on for SEO and more. Note that "competition" within the Google keyword tool is for AdWords competition, not SEO competition. Also, be sure you select broad, phrase and exact on the left hand side to really understand how often keywords are searched on.  
      Google Trends  
      Find out if your strategic keyword phrases are trending up, down or have any seasonality traffic fluctuations by using Google Trends. For seasonality, change the date range to the last full year. For company brand name searches, this trending keyword tool will also point out dates of press releases, which can explain traffic spikes. You can also compare keyword phrases to each other in a line chart.  
      Alexa, Quantcast, Compete  
      , and are sites that provide traffic estimations and demographic data for websites. Check out your competitor's traffic stats, popular websites and of course your website. Also be sure to check out Quantcast's most visited websites report.  
      Internet Archive  
      Internet Archive's Way Back Machine can show you what previous versions of websites looked like. This SEM tool is helpful when you want to study website design changes that your competitors have done over the years.  
      Adwords Ad Preview Tool  
      Check out your ads on Google without triggering impressions in your own reports with Google's Ad Preview Tool. You can also view your geo-targeted ads or ads in different languages in other countries by changing the country drop down menu.      
      Google Alerts      
      Stay up to date by receiving daily or weekly emails with a list of sites, blogs, etc. that contain your strategic keywords, your brand name, your competitor's brand names, competitor's domain name, industry terms and more. Google Alerts is one of the best ways to proactively receive extremely valuable information right in your inbox. You can also mine the links in the alerts for a never-ending source of keywords to add to your keyword lists in AdWords and Bing Ads.      
      Google Analytics Real-Time Reports      
      Within your Google Analytics account, from within a profile, click on the "Real-Time" link in the left hand column. Underneath this menu is a link to "Traffic Sources". Within this report, you can view which paid and organic keyword phrases were searched on by your visitors within Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.      
      Social Media Search Engine      
          , which is a social media search engine powered by Google's custom search feature, allows you to search within Facebook, LiveJournal, Blogger and many other social media websites.      
      Whether you select an SEO audit, AdWords audit, SEO training, AdWords training or any other services from, you will learn more about these and other SEM tools.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
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