Search Engine Marketing Consultant - Paid Search Advertising / PPC

  Search Engine Marketing consultant SEM Consultant Google AdWords management & optimization (since 2002)  
  SEM Freelance Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads & more  
  AdWords Consultant Daily campaign management & account audits  
Marketing Consultant CPA optimization, Google Analytics
  SEM Expert Landing page optimization, design, coding  
  SEM Guru Google AdWords training  
  Schedule an SEM SEO intro call  
Client History List Includes: Nuance - SEO and AdWords Plastic Jungle eFax - Google Adwords Galileo Learning - Google Adwords  SEO Audit Adwords Audit  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
SEM, PPC, CPM, CPC, paid search advertising on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Search, Linked In SEM / CPC / PPC Daily Management and Optimization      
Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Bing Ads, Yahoo, CPM, CPA Networks.
Geo-targeting, device and mobile targeting, demographics targeting.      
Account set-up and launch, daily management and reporting, optimization.      
Landing page coding, text and banner ad development and optimization.
SEM Training, SEM account audits, troubleshooting, web analytics, campaign roll-up reporting.      
Optimize your paid and organic search traffic and get the best CPA.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    Google AdWords   Google AdWords Consultant
      I have been a Google AdWords SEM consultant since 2002, right after AdWords first became available. The purchase of my first online ad occurred in 1995. I work with small, medium and large campaign budgets, start up companies, small brand names, big brand names, B2B, and B2C. Some of my SEM and SEO clients are U.S. only, some were local regions within the U.S. and some are worldwide. There is no minimum contract commitment and training is available to transition your AdWords account management internally within your company.  
      Full Service - Daily SEM / Paid Search Management Includes:  
      Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaign setup, daily management, optimization and reporting.  
      Extensive keyword phrase research and list building.  
      Banner ad and text ad design and development, including PhotoShop.  
      Google Display Network management and optimization.  
      Google Remarketing - your pages are tagged so all visitors will see your ads on the Google Display Network.  
      Landing page design and coding. Landing page A/B testing to optimize for the best possible CPA.  
SEM and paid search reporting, data analysis, conversion analysis and more.
      Competitive SEM analysis.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant

Watch the short Bing Ads video - 90 seconds.
  Bing Ads Network -,      
  Cost Per Click (CPC) based advertising - only pay when someone clicks your ads.      
  30% who use Bing/Yahoo do not use Google, that's 46 million searchers.      
  Targeting options include age, gender, day of week, time of day, location and mobile devices.      
  5 billion searches occur every month.      
  151 million unique customers.      
  Bing Ads consultant
Google Adwords SEM consultant
      AdWords Audits   AdWords audit
      Does your AdWords campaign have the best CPA and conversion rate possible? Let someone with over 10 years of AdWords experience run an AdWords audit.  
      Account campaign and ad group organization.  
      Keyword and bidding analysis.  
      Ad copy and banner ad review.  
      Day parting, time of day data analysis.  
      Google Analytics data review - what happens once the paid advertising visitor arrives to your website.  
      Landing page reviews and analysis, including landing page optimization recommendations.  
      AdWords competitive analysis  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Google AdWords Training   Google AdWords Training and Education      
  Want to keep or bring your AdWords management internally? Or do you want to improve your AdWords Team's optimization skills? As an SEM consultant, I can provide training, mentoring, on-going support to help your internal employees be more successful with your SEM goals.      
  Strategic and tactical AdWords training      
  Time saving techniques, including training for the AdWords Editor.      
  Google Analytics training included - for landing page optimization, mobile device conversion optimization, etc.      
  On-going AdWords support so when questions arise, you have someone to call or IM.      
  Management support - when you need reports, cost justification, and someone to help you pitch for additional approvals.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
      HTML and Graphics Development: Landing Pages, Banner Ads, Text Ads   HTML Graphics Development and Landing Pages
      No more delays. I can help relieve your web developer from creating landing pages so they can focus on other website action items. This allows me to create as many variations to get the right combination of ads and landing pages to maximize your AdWords conversion rate and lower your CPA. All I need is access to a new folder on your website to use has an area to use to create and test custom landing pages that match the look and feel of your website. I can also create banner ads for the Google Display Network, which allows me to test as many variations as possible to improve click through rates, conversion rates and lower the cost per acquisition.  
      Landing page coding, design and development. HTML, WordPress, Drupal and more.  
      Banner ad design & development, banner ad optimization using PhotoShop. Includes all the standard industry sizes.  
      Text ad writing, testing & optimization. A/B test for click through rate to improve quality scores, conversion rate & CPA.  
      Coding for existing landing pages, including optimization analysis within Google AdWords using in-page analytics.  
      Tracking code and conversion tracking code management. This includes remarketing and retargeting tracking code.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Geo-targeting, remarketing, demographics, targeting   Geo-targeting, Remarketing, Demographics Targeting      
  Both Google AdWords and Bing Ads have great features to allow for targeting your ad spend specifically to your targeted audience. These include geo-targeting, remarketing and demographics targeting.      
  Advanced geo-targeting techniques are used to directly target your ads to your customers' locations.      
  Remarketing allows your ads to be displayed to both visitors who haven't converted & cross sell existing customers.      
  Banner ad design and development to optimize your remarketing traffic.      
  Demographic information such as gender and age can be used to target specific products and services for a better CPA.      
  Combine demographic targeting, geo-targeting and remarketing to triangulate for maximum conversions for both B2C & B2B.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
      Mobile Advertising   Mobile Marketing Consultant - iPad, iPhone, Android
      The amount of purchases, leads and sign-ups via mobile devices and tablets are growing at an extremely fast pace. Your advertising campaigns can be targeted to specific devices, operating system levels and even mobile carriers like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.  
      Mobile device advertising and optimization. Display specific ads / messages on specific devices for a better CPA.  
      Targeted advertising by OS (iOS, Android), device categories - tablets / phones, OS version and more.  
      Mobile device ad targeting by type of device - iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones, etc.  
      Cross reference mobile targeting with geo-targeting, remarketing, demographics for additional ad optimization.  
      Device specific landing pages will maximize your conversion rates and CPA.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Conversion Optimization CPA Conversion Rate        
  Conversion Optimization      
  Your conversion rate, CPA and other metrics are dependent on the visitor's experience once they enter your site. Since I know how to code HTML, I can also create and modify your landing pages as well. Below are just some of the AdWords features and techniques to consider when building campaigns:      
  Test at least 3 ads and two landing pages per ad group at all times.      
  For optimization, campaigns and ad groups are set up into broad, phrase, exact, mobile devices, locations, etc.      
  Landing pages are equally and in many cases more important than the keywords you bid on and your ad copy.      
  Target the Google Display Network (mainly banner ads) in different campaigns than the Google text ads.      
  Mobile advertising targeting includes the ability to target iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets.      
      Search a large portion of your keywords and study the competitive ads, landing pages, product features, prices, etc.      
      Set up Google Alerts with your competitor's names to keep an eye on price and feature changes.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Training / Educational Creative Services Consulting Services Optimization SEO Tools / SEM Tools   Website Information    
AdWords Training Landing Page Development Search Engine Marketing Consultant AdWords Optimization Google Keyword Tool   Customer History List    
SEO Training Text Ad Development AdWords Consultant SEO Audit Google Analytics URL Builder   Site Map    
CPA Optimization Banner Ad Development SEO Consultant Landing Page Optimization Google Trends   Contact    
Adwords SEM Audits Graphics / PhotoShop Website Monetization / Google Adsense Geo-Targeting Google Webmaster Tools        
Ad Optimization SEO Content Writing Mobile Advertising Demographics Targeting Google Analytics        
Google Analytics Consultant Content Optimization B2C AdWords Expert Mobile Device Targeting          
  Digital Marketing Consultant B2B AdWords Expert Mobile Conversion Optimization Schedule an SEM SEO intro call    
      Keyword List Development    
      Geo-Targeted Landing Page Example    
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