Google Analytics Consultant

  Google Analytics Consultant SEM Consultant I have been using and providing Google Analytics training since 2003. Webtrends & Omniture since the mid 90s.  
  SEM Freelance Setup support, goal configuration, troubleshooting, optimization, accuracy verification, advanced reporting.  
  SEM Freelance Consulting by the hour or by project. Also available for mentoring. Training provided by phone, IM, screen sharing.  
  AdWords Consultant Conversion optimization - Don't guess, let the data show you how to make changes to increase conversion rates.  
  AdWords Consultant Discover traffic optimization opportunities within your website's web traffic data.  
Marketing Consultant Advanced campaign tracking using the Google URL builder. Build CPA tracking into all of your traffic campaigns.
  SEM Expert Traffic optimization - Filter traffic by source, campaign, etc. to determine what those particular visitors are doing.  
  SEM Guru SEO - Understand what keyword phrases are being searched on by your visitors, see if they are converting.  
  Schedule an SEM SEO intro call  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    Google Analytics - Training, Setup Support, Advanced Reporting.   Google Analytics Training
      Google Analytics has ton of great web traffic analysis features. You can look at what is happening on your website in real-time, view campaign performance from your paid advertising campaigns such as FaceBook Ads, LinkedIn ad and any other traffic campaign. Also learn what keywords are ranking and what is or organic traffic click through rate for SEO.  
      Specific Google Analytics training includes:  
      Google Analytics consultant Content Analysis - Most visited web pages, time on site / page, bounce rates, content experiments.  
      Google Analytics consultant Conversion Analysis - Use advanced segments to see which traffic sources are converting the best and least.  
      Google Analytics consultant CPA by Campaign - Use the Google URL Builder to determine the amount of conversions to calculate CPA.  
      Google Analytics consultant In-Page Analytics - Click counts and percentage rates on each link are shown in pop-up bubbles.  
      Google Analytics consultant Email Campaign Tracking - Tag your links with UTM URL parameters and track conversion rates.  
      Google Analytics consultant Traffic by Source - Reports for percentage of traffic from referring sites, direct traffic, organic traffic, etc.  
      Google Analytics consultant Visitor Flow Reports - Watch what your visitors do on your website, even sort by source of traffic.  
      Google Analytics consultant Social Media Analytics - Traffic and conversions from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and more.  
      Google Analytics consultant Ecommerce - Product and sales performance, revenue by traffic source, time to purchase.  
Google Analytics consultant Goals - Track specific actions such as lead gen, shopping cart conversions, newsletter signups and more.
      Google Analytics consultant Audience Data - Demographics, behavior, visitor flow analysis, locations, etc.  
      Google Analytics consultant Technology - Mobile devices - iPad, iPhone, Android visits, browser type, screen sizes, operating systems.  
      Google Analytics consultant Reports and Email Alerts - Set up notifications to be sent to your email address, daily and weekly reports.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
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