Geo-Targeted Landing Page Example

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    Optimize landing page conversion rates with a geo-targeted landing page.   Increase Organic Search Traffic
      There are several ways to optimize landing pages using geo-targeting features. Within AdWords, you can create geo-targeted campaigns and display static city names and maps. You can also create campaigns with city or state name themes where the city or state names are in the keyword phrases then target them to the appropriate landing page. Or you can create a geo-targeted landing page and automatically display the visitors location, just like this page is demonstrating. It detects the IP address of the visitor to display the map location.  
      Other geo-targeting landing optimization techniques:  
      Overlay detailed location specific information on top of the map such as the nearest physical locations.  
      You can display the satellite or street version of the map.  
      Map zooming features allows the visitor to look at nearby locations.  
      Display shipping information.  
      The visitor can also use the directions functionality for physical locations.  
      Set up Google Display Network campaigns and use the destination URL to your geo-targeted landing page.  
      If you decide to display geo-targeted content, be sure to set up your landing pages in a specific folder that can be added to your robots.txt file and excluded to avoid cloaking SEO penalities.  
      You can also display different images, such as city skyline watermarks behind the landing page's content.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
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