B2B Adwords Expert / SEM Consultant

  SEO audit SEM Consultant B2B AdWords expertise - lead generation, ecommerce, lead nuturing.  
  SEM Freelance Experience with short and long sales cycle tracking.  
  AdWords Consultant Technical integration into 3rd party applications such as Salesforce and Marketo.  
Marketing Consultant B2B landing page development and optimization.
  SEM Expert Remarketing for customer up-selling and lead nurturing.  
  SEM Guru Can geo-target specific campaigns to large accounts' zip codes for large conversion opportunities.  
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Google Adwords SEM consultant
    Do you have a B2B targeted audience?   Increase Organic Search Traffic
      I can help you with your B2B search marketing needs. Get more quality leads that can be tracked in both AdWords and Salesforce and/or Marketo for qualified lead tracking. Keywords can be passed into each lead's details as well as the URL from the Google Display Network within AdWords. You can even get email alerts sent to your inbox that contains the specific details of each B2B lead, customer phone contact information, inferred company details, search phrase, search keyword, and more.

Your SEM traffic can also be geo-targeted to country, state, city, or even zip code levels to target specific clients. Day-parting can be used to optimize the traffic to the times of day that your visitors are most likely to fill out a lead form or to make an ecommerce transaction.

Turning your prospects into qualified leads within Salesforce can be done at the keyword phrase level, thus identifying which keywords are the best. The initial CPA within AdWords isn't good enough. Salesforce can help you identify which keywords are actually associated with paying customers. Sometimes the lowest CPA in AdWords can be the highest CPA for a paid customer within Salesforce.
Google Adwords SEM consultant
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