AdWords Consultant /
Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Over 15 years of online advertising industry experience.  No expensive agency fees.  Google
and client references available.
  paid search   Google AdWords management & optimization  
  paid search   Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads & more  
  paid search   Remarketing, geo-targeting, mobile advertising  
  paid search   Search Engine Optimization - SEO audits  
  paid search   CPA and conversion optimization  
  paid search   Landing page design, coding  
  paid search   Training: AdWords, GA, Bing Ads, SEM, SEO  
  Schedule an SEM SEO intro call  
Client History List Includes: Nuance - SEO and AdWords Plastic Jungle eFax - Google Adwords Galileo Learning - Google Adwords  SEO Audit Adwords Audit  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Search Engine Marketing SEM paid search advertising on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Paid Search Advertising / Search Engine Marketing Consultant      
Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Bing Ads (AdCenter), CPM, CPA Networks.
Geo-targeting, device and mobile targeting, demographics targeting.      
Account set-up and launch, daily management and reporting, optimization.      
Landing page coding, text and banner ad development and optimization.
SEM Training, SEM account audits, troubleshooting, web analytics, campaign roll-up reporting.      
Optimize your paid and organic search traffic and get the best CPA.      
  Learn more about search engine marketing and paid search advertising.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    Search Engine Optimization - SEO Consultant / Search Ranking   Search Engine Optimization - SEO
    SEO audit specific to your website.  
    Go way beyond standard SEO best practices. Reverse engineering to see with other websites are ranking is the key.  
    SEO project management is available or bring SEO knowledge in-house to incorporate into your existing workflow.  
    SEO training, SEO troubleshooting are both available to help increase your organic search traffic.  
    Learn SEO tools and techniques. Enter into Google, click on text only and check it out!  
      Learn more about search engine optimization and search ranking.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Conversion Optimization CPA Conversion Optimization      
Track and optimize your existing traffic traffic through data analysis.      
Learn how to use Google Analytics to determine what type of traffic is converting the most.      
Calculate CPA through tools like the Google URL Builder so the data is tracked in Google Analytics.      
Use dayparting data to schedule your paid traffic so it is running during the optimal time of day.      
On-site click data can be used to find opportunities to fine-tune your design for the maximum conversion rate.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    SEM AdWords Optimization Audit / SEO Audits   SEM audit SEO audit
    4 hour verbal SEO audit or fully documented SEO audit that takes 2 weeks to complete.  
    Learn how to conduct your SEO audits, including competitive SEO analysis.  
    Google AdWords account audits - learn techniques that can help you optimize your paid search traffic.  
    Bing Ads account audits - optimize your traffic through proper account set up and configuration for Yahoo Search and Bing.  
    Quarterly audits are available or bring the knowledge in-house so you can conduct your own audits.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
SEM SEO training education Google AdWords Training SEM / SEO Training and Education      
Advanced SEM and paid search / PPC training available for advanced users of Google AdWords and Bing Ads.      
SEM and paid search training and mentoring for those who are just getting started.      
Advanced search engine optimization and organic search traffic traffic training.      
How to optimize your content for SEO.      
Learn how to reverse engineer websites that are ranking on page one of your strategic search phrases and keywords.      
  Learn more about AdWords training.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    Full Service - Daily SEM / Paid Search Management, Optimization, Coding, Landing Pages, Reporting and More   Google Analytics
    Google AdWords and Bing Ads setup, daily management, optimization and reporting.  
    Extensive keyword phrase research, competitive analysis.  
    Text and banner ad design and development, including PhotoShop.  
    Landing page design and coding. A/B testing to optimize for the best CPA.  
    SEM and Paid Search reporting, data analysis, conversion analysis and more.  
      Learn more about AdWords Consulting.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Geotargeting Remarketing Demographics Targeting  Geo-targeting, Remarketing, Demographics Targeting      
Advanced geo-targeting techniques are used to target directly to your customers locations.      
Remarket to both visitors who haven't converted and cross sell those who have already converted.      
Optimized remarketing banner ad design.      
Promote demographic purchase trends to your potential customers.      
Combine geo-targeting, demographic targeting and remarketing to triangulate maximum conversions for both B2C and B2B.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    Coding and Graphics Development: Landing Pages, Banner Ads, Text Ads   landing pages web pages
    Landing page design, development, and coding. HTML, CSS, WordPress, Drupal and more.  
    Banner ad design, banner ad optimization using PhotoShop.  
    Text ad writing, testing & optimization. Balance between click through rate & qualified clicks to get the best quality scores.  
    Coding available for existing landing pages, including optimization analysis.  
    Tracking code and conversion tracking code management.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Mobile Marketing SEM iPad iPhone Android  Mobile Advertising      
Mobile device advertising and optimization.      
Targeted advertising by OS (iOS, Android), OS version, device categories - tablets / phones.      
Mobile device targeting by device type - iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones, etc.      
Cross reference mobile targeting with geo-targeting, remarketing, demographics.      
Device specific landing pages can be built to maximize your CPA.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
    Social Media Marketing   social media logos
    Learn how to determine which social media is bringing in traffic and which is converting to customers.  
    Training for your support team to participate in blogs and forums to establish your company as the source for information.  
    Get pro-active email notifications for your brand & competitive brands as they are mentioned in blogs & forums.  
    Competitive analysis - understand what others in your industry are doing for their social media presence.  
    Paid social media advertising management, support, reporting and training is available.  
Google Adwords SEM consultant
SEM - SEO B2B B2C client logos  Clients - All Types Of Budgets, SMB, Big Brands, Startups      
Google AdWords campaigns, SEO audits for B2C and B2B.      
Ecommerce, direct sales, lead generation, white paper lead gen, page views for ad impressions, and more.      
World-wide, U.S. only, regional targeted ad campaigns, even zip code targeted online advertising.      
Remarketing campaigns to up-sell existing customers or to convert prior visitors.      
Cross-industry techniques used to maximize conversion rates.      
  Learn more about mobile advertising and targeting.      
Google Adwords SEM consultant
Training / Educational Creative Services Consulting Services Optimization SEO Tools / SEM Tools   Website Information    
AdWords Training Landing Page Development Search Engine Marketing Consultant AdWords Optimization Google Keyword Tool   Customer History List    
SEO Training Text Ad Development AdWords Consultant SEO Audit Google Analytics URL Builder   Site Map    
CPA Optimization Banner Ad Development SEO Consultant Landing Page Optimization Google Trends   Contact    
Adwords SEM Audits Graphics / PhotoShop Website Monetization / Google Adsense Geo-Targeting Google Webmaster Tools        
Ad Optimization SEO Content Writing Mobile Advertising Demographics Targeting Google Analytics        
Google Analytics Consultant Content Optimization B2C AdWords Expert Mobile Device Targeting          
  Digital Marketing Consultant B2B AdWords Expert Mobile Conversion Optimization Schedule an SEM SEO intro call    
      Keyword List Development    
      Geo-Targeted Landing Page Example    
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